Sunday, 22 July 2012

Jean batten introduction

Introduction Jean Batten was Born in Rotorua on September 15 1909. She had three older brothers but one died at birth. Her mother was an actress and her father was a dentist. She sold her piano to pay for the fees to get her mother and Jean to England. Jean Batten's record-breaking flights between 1933 and 1937 made her possibly the most famous New Zealander. five years, In November 1935 Jean became the first woman to fly from England to South America. In 1936 she made her first flight from England to New Zealand, leaving England on 16 October and arrived in Auckland. it took 11 days and 45 minutes . In October 1937, aged 28, Batten made her final long distance flight, from Australia to England in 5 days 18 hours. The flight set a solo record. Jean batten settled in spain and one day she went for a walk and she got bit by a dog and it got infected she did not want to go and take some medicine and later that day she past away no one knew of her death. Jean Batten died on November 1982 in Palma, Majorca