Thursday, 3 August 2017

Ping Pong

  • Explain the physical activity you participated in. I participated in the making of the ping pong table today, we as a class had to put together a ping pong table. As a class project we had to put it together from start to finish. The whole class sat around the ping pong table trying to figure out where the parts go.

  • What level of effort and engagement were you participating at during today’s physical activity? Why? (Grade yourself NA, A or M and refer to marking criteria) M- I give my self and Merit because we had a part in the activity when we had to screw these metal plates under the ping pong table. It was a hard job because I was the only one that was able to do it, the only thing was there was no holes made to put them in so i had to make them my self it was hard but I got there in the end.
  • What were three factors which influenced your participation? (Choose from the list below, and put a + or - beside the three factors to show whether it positively or negatively influenced your participation). Challenge- It was a challenge for me because at one stage when we putting it together I had to screw the metal plates to the table so that means I had less time to play. It was the hardest part I found because I was the only one that could do it but its alright cause I still got time to play. Injury/Illness- When I was screwing the metal plates onto the table I cut my finger but it was okay cause at the end of the day we got to play for a whole period. When I got injured I didn't worry about it until the end of the period. Equipment- We had to set up a new ping pong table only thing I didn't like its that we had new equipment but had old paddle so I played less. If we got given all new equipment then it would of been better to play with so I would of played more.
  • Explain HOW these factors affected your participation (with specific examples) These factors affected me because today I had a really good day and had a really good learning experience in class I was really looking forward to lean a game like this again.
These factors affected my participation because I was screwing metal plates to the back of the ping pong table and It took long so I didn't get that much time to play and would of got more time to play if someone helped me and there was more equipment It would of been easier.
  • How could you increase your (or your peers) participation in this activity in the future?We didn't really need to change anything in our peers all we need to change next time is not to be cocky towards the other teams and take the win as a win and move on. I could ingress it by making my peers help me next time because it was pretty hard screwing it by my self.

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  1. Taniela good on you for being the Ping Pong construction Ninja. ;-) . Ping pong is quite good because you don't have to have a whole big court like tennis and you get to put the whole thing together. As to the actual playing of table tennis did you have any strategy about how to be good at it? Thanks for the blogging.