Thursday, 28 August 2014



Rugby is a game that is played in 120 countries throughout the world. The values of Rugby come from its history. It can be played by both males and females. One day a man playing soccer picked up a soccer ball and started running with it. It is played here in New Zealand and the rugby team, the all blacks, are more important than the Prime Minister, John Key.

Rugby is a hard sport to understand. If you are going to play rugby you should know what you are doing because if you don’t you could get injured or get a concussion. By 1879 the first rugby unions were formed in Canterbury and Wellington.

In 1903 New Zealand beat Australia in their first official test match. The original All Blacks wore a black jersey and a silver fern near the top right corner. Now they have the ‘AIG’ symbol as well as the Adidas and fern logo.

It was also a proud moment in the history of the All Blacks when they crushed Italy 70 - 6 in an opening match. The Rugby World Cup helped the careers of All Blacks greats Michael Jones and Zinzan Brooke. some of the best All Blacks in the history of New Zealand Rugby.

Rugby was created through a soccer ball. One boy started to run with the ball and that is how rugby was created. 120 countries play the beautiful game of rugby.  Both males and females play this game and has a wonderful career. I have been playing rugby since I was a little boy and I still play now.


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