Thursday, 28 August 2014

Quaid and Tyler / Cyprus' O.E.

Cyprus’ O.E.

L.I. Add distances in km
Work out the distance travelled
Plan a trip and calculate the distance travelled

Cyprus is planning his O.E. He has arranged a job in London and he needs to travel from Auckland to there.

He can travel either via America or Asia.  
He needs to fly Air New Zealand to use his airpoints for at least one travel distance , eg: Auckland - San Franfrisco

Use this link to find out the distances between destinations.
Plan two flights for Cyprus, one going to America and then London and one going to Asia and then London.

Image result for vancouver
Auckland - Vancouver = 11, 372 Vancouver - London = 7, 606
7, 606 + 11, 372 = 18, 978

Auckland - Hong Kong = 9, 181 Hong Kong - London = 9, 646
9, 646 + 9, 181 = 18, 827

Work out which is the shortest distance travelled, America or Asia?

The shortest flight is the Asia flight.
The distance between the two flights is 149 km.
The longest flight is the American flight.

How much would each trip cost if he was charged $2.50 per km.

The cost for the American Trip is $47,445.00
The cost for the Asian Trip is $47,067.50

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  1. Awesome maths skills guys, traveling sounds so expensive but would be so much fun. If you had a choice would you fly via Asia or America? I think I would choose America.