Friday, 26 September 2014

Tyler Reading around the world

This is my reading around the world I did. I did some amazing countries like Tongan, Samoa, America and more. I did it on famous people, traditional foods, Traditional dress and some interesting facts about there countries.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Andre and Tyler Rich Task Week Ten

Food In My Culture: Tyler

Food in my Culture

I am from Niue. One of the major celebrations we have is Christmas because, it’s a time to have fun and to enjoy ourselves. One way we can celebrate this is through eating yummy food.

We eat Takihi and we have it with Patako. My Nana prepares the Takihi, and then she cooks it. My mum brings the lu. Now that it’s ready it can be served with fish, lamb and corned-beef but only if we can eat now.

For the desert we eat watermelon and ice cream. An alternative for the watermelon can be pineapple. We usually serve it with french vanilla or hokey pokey, but my favorite is chocolate flavoured ice-cream.

Now its time for the stockings. In my stocking I have lollies and chocolate. I always get the most amount of it, because I take my brothers. The thing I look forward to most is eating the chocolate.

In Niuean Christmas we enjoy eating. It doesn’t matter if it looks yucky, because after all, it's all about the taste and not the looks. I like Christmas the most because I see all my family there.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The bee movie: By Tyler

Bee Movie

The Bee Movie is a fun and enjoyable movie for you and your family to watch. The movie is suitable for any age group. It is all about bees and how they make honey and they never knew that humans ate it for a living.

Barry  is a bee who just graduated from college, and has to decide what job to pick: He picks a honey labour because it looks fun and he looks up to the big people. On a special trip outside the hive Barry’s life is saved, by a human named Vanessa, a florist in New York City. As their relationship grows he discovers humans actually eat honey, and he decides to sue them for their hard labor geting honey and they just come and take it away from us.

This movie is a fun movie for the whole family. This is an enjoyable movie because it consists of funny features such as humor and angriness. When he discovers that the humans take their honey he finds a human that helps him.