Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Levers (1,2,3)

Levers (1,2,3)

1. Explain levers in a sport.
When you play a sport golf and tennis is and good example because it is similar to the third class lever, your shoulder is the fulcrum and your muscles is the effort and gold club is the load.  

2. Explain levers in the activity we did today.
We were given a task to complete and to explain how the First, Second and third class lever are used. Today we were given a paper and we had to draw the levers shapes on the paper, cut them out and place them on the paper to show what they can do. After that we had to explain what the levers are doing and what they represent.  

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  1. Hi Taniela and welcome back to term 3. I had heard about levers before though never Class 1,2,3. It makes a lot of sense to me when you explain it with the pictures. It made me think when you play cricket can it be both a class 2 and three? Say if the ball hits the bat at the bottom would it be class 3 and if it hits in the middle class 2? Your explanation helped me for sure. Thanks for sharing.