Thursday, 28 August 2014

Quaid and Tyler / Cyprus' O.E.

Cyprus’ O.E.

L.I. Add distances in km
Work out the distance travelled
Plan a trip and calculate the distance travelled

Cyprus is planning his O.E. He has arranged a job in London and he needs to travel from Auckland to there.

He can travel either via America or Asia.  
He needs to fly Air New Zealand to use his airpoints for at least one travel distance , eg: Auckland - San Franfrisco

Use this link to find out the distances between destinations.
Plan two flights for Cyprus, one going to America and then London and one going to Asia and then London.

Image result for vancouver
Auckland - Vancouver = 11, 372 Vancouver - London = 7, 606
7, 606 + 11, 372 = 18, 978

Auckland - Hong Kong = 9, 181 Hong Kong - London = 9, 646
9, 646 + 9, 181 = 18, 827

Work out which is the shortest distance travelled, America or Asia?

The shortest flight is the Asia flight.
The distance between the two flights is 149 km.
The longest flight is the American flight.

How much would each trip cost if he was charged $2.50 per km.

The cost for the American Trip is $47,445.00
The cost for the Asian Trip is $47,067.50



Rugby is a game that is played in 120 countries throughout the world. The values of Rugby come from its history. It can be played by both males and females. One day a man playing soccer picked up a soccer ball and started running with it. It is played here in New Zealand and the rugby team, the all blacks, are more important than the Prime Minister, John Key.

Rugby is a hard sport to understand. If you are going to play rugby you should know what you are doing because if you don’t you could get injured or get a concussion. By 1879 the first rugby unions were formed in Canterbury and Wellington.

In 1903 New Zealand beat Australia in their first official test match. The original All Blacks wore a black jersey and a silver fern near the top right corner. Now they have the ‘AIG’ symbol as well as the Adidas and fern logo.

It was also a proud moment in the history of the All Blacks when they crushed Italy 70 - 6 in an opening match. The Rugby World Cup helped the careers of All Blacks greats Michael Jones and Zinzan Brooke. some of the best All Blacks in the history of New Zealand Rugby.

Rugby was created through a soccer ball. One boy started to run with the ball and that is how rugby was created. 120 countries play the beautiful game of rugby.  Both males and females play this game and has a wonderful career. I have been playing rugby since I was a little boy and I still play now.


Do you remember what you were doing the moment you heard that the World Trade Center had been hit by the Taliban in America on September 11 2001? Here in New Zealand in was on September 12 2001. You may remember this as the ‘9 / 11’. Many people try to forget what happened on that day. I remember as if it was yesterday because so many people died. Firemen and other volunteers also helped the people that were in danger on that tragic day.

Sky Tower

Sky Tower

On the top of the Sky Tower what do you see? Huge buildings taller than me. Cars that zoom past and lights that turn Green, Orange, Red all the time.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Museum Trip


Yesterday we went to the Museum. This was a  cool and fun trip that told us  about people , culture, food and clothes that is important to different countries. As you can see in the photo there is a picture of an oldFijian boat. Its amazing how it can fit up to ten people in it. 

Space Jump

On Monday we had a special visit from the people from Space Jump. They showed us some things that they are going to show at the Storyline Festivals 2014. It was about a lady from space who used some of her skills 'space jump' so she can freeze people back 1 or 2 minutes so they don't capture her and to use her body to complete her task which is to find non-fiction books. She found books about Snails, Boring Books and many more. My favorite book was the Dunger book.