Wednesday, 20 February 2013

This is my bug my writing

You are being bullied because of your lunch.  what can you say or do?
1.  Ignore them and move away  
2.  I will stand up for myself and say. “Can you pleas` e stop it, I’m trying to eat my lunch.”
3.  .Say to them, I will go and tell the teacher if you do it again

This is my friendship poem


L.I. - Look at descriptive language used in poetry
Look at writing with the senses
Use a model to create our own versions of a poem

Friendship tastes like sweet colourful lollies on a plate.

Friendship smells like lovely beautiful flowers falling from a green tree.

Friendship looks like sparkling shining stars twinkling in the dark shadowy sky.

Sammy Fu

Look at the poem and highlight the sense words blue
Highlight the adjectives yellow
Highlight the verbs pink


Friendship smells like freshly baked bread  coming out of the steamy oven and my friends and I love to smell the beautiful  fragrance of the bread as it drifts in the air and shoots straight up our noses.

Friendship tastes like soft strawberries fresh from the pavlova as my friends and I enjoy eating them.

Friendship sounds like my friends cheering for me at a soccer game

Friendship feels like seashells sinking into the ground when me and my friends are playing rugby.

Friendship looks  like me and my friends laughing and playing ball tiggy

This is my friendship poem

Tyler's Xtramaths results

This is my results from today