Wednesday, 17 April 2013


When the Wind Blows
Story Elements

L.I. - Identify the factual elements of the story
Identify the fictional elements of the story

Look at these events and cut and paste them into the correct column in the table

There was a cold war between
former allies

A nuclear bomb causes a big flash of heat and light

Nuclear fallout can kill you after the bomb has gone off

England was afraid of a Russian  American nuclear war

America is a democracy

A nuclear bomb causes a big flash of heat and light

The cold war has caused other conflicts

People who wore patterned clothing got the pattern burnt into their skin
The Russians let off a nuclear bomb
There was a nuclear arms race

People believed in Mutually Assured Destruction

Russia is a democracy
People built nuclear fallout shelters in case there was a war

Cushions can protect you from nuclear fallout

After 14 days you can leave the
nuclear fallout shelter

After WW2 Russian bombed England

A nuclear refuge (like the one in the book) would protect you

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