Friday, 12 July 2013

This is my letter to the Howick Historical Village

Panmure Bridge School
Kings Rd

Thursday 11 July

Dear Howick Historical Village

I am really grateful that you let me and the school learn about our long lasting history, I liked how we play with the outside games first that was the best and to have what the kid’s played with back then.

I also liked the inside toys that they you still play with when it was and wasn't raining my favourite thing was the little beyblades (aka spinning tops) on the table.

In the classroom I loved how Mrs White sent Tienera to the back of the room. It was pretty funny, I have to say I had fun in the school.

The tour that I had was fun because we got to go to the old pub and to explore in the old houses. My favourite thing when we were on the tour was when we went to the house that had all the things to cut trees and things down. I liked the big saw.

Yours sincerely,

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