Monday, 12 May 2014

Biodegradable work By Tyler


If something is Biodegradable
It will Break down faster then something non Biodegradable.
These things take year 1 to break down
- Wool socks
- Cotton buds
- Plywood
What things take 5 years to break down
-  Milk carton
-  Egg tras
- leather
Non Biodegradable can not break down.

These ten things are not Biodegradable and should be Recycled
- Plastic bottles
- Tin foil
- Chip packets
- Glade rap  
- Styrofoam
- Tin cans
- Plastic
- Glass
- Metal wire

- Tyre

1 comment:

  1. If things like plastic, tin foil, Styrofoam and glass aren't biodegradable what do you think happens to them after we throw them away? Where do they end up?