Thursday, 26 September 2013

Camp Recount


“Bang!” went the kayak when it hit the water and floated down the lake so I yelled out to Faitele “Can you go get my kayak?”   

Then when he brought the kayak back I went to jump into the kayak, but oh no!  I missed the kayak and fell into the icy cold water.  I screamed my head off.   That was the coldest water I had ever felt in my life.
Seeing the waterfall was a great sight but at the same time I had fear of my kayak being washed away again and of me having to swim in the icy cold water to retrieve my kayak.

I banged into Kapri and once again I fell into the icy cold water, but Kapri didn’t fall in and managed to keep afloat. Luckily the tutor had shown us how to get back into our kayak!  I was paddling away again in no time.

If I had to do kayaking again I would be better prepared for the coldness of the water.  I would get over my fear of the waterfall and go up close and see it in front of me.

This is my camp recount It is about kayaking and how the water was so cold

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