Monday, 23 September 2013

Tyler Sub-questions.


L.I. Thinking about sub-questions when researching

When you are looking for information there is always one main question that you have to answer.  Then, as you think about the main question and start reading other questions will occur to you.  These sub-questions give direction to your reading.  They keep you on track.  It is a strategy good readers use to help them locate information quickly.

Match (cut and paste) the main question with the sub-questions that relate

Subject: Film
What were the main reasons for the success of a movie that you have recently seen?  Write your own review of the movie.
What does this species look like?  Does it deserve a dangerous reputation?  Why was it hunted so freely in the past?  Why is it now on the endangered list?  Why has it become the world’s first protected shark?  
Subject: History
What was life like in your town or suburb at the beginning of the 20th century?
What do teenagers want from their series?  Why are the relationships between characters so important?  What settings are favoured?  What qualities do the lead actors have?   Why do some local series do well overseas?
Subject: Geography
Why has the grey nurse shark become the only protected species of shark?
What type is it, adventure, crime, comedy, romance?  What was it’s storyline?  What was the complication and the interesting consequences?  Were the actors convincing?  How effective was the cinematography?
Subject: Social studies
How do farmers manage the land to prevent soil erosion?
What aspects (transport, communication, work) were different in the past?  What aspects have stayed the same?  How has entertainment changed or stayed the same?  What are the most notable buildings from this time?
Subject: Media Studies
What do you think are the qualities of a successful TV series for teenagers?
What was it’s nature: was it a particular event that had great impact on the main character?  How did this give excitement and interest to the novel?  How did it affect other characters?
Subject: Reading
Why is a major complication essential to a novel?  Show how is has affected the plot and the development of major characters in a novel you have read.
Why is it such a concern?  What are the effects on a farm of soil erosion?  How can erosion from water be controlled?  How can windbreaks help?  Why is it important to keep plant growth in the soil?  How can farmer protect the soil during dry periods?

Write your own sub-questions for these main questions

How does a glacier effect the land?
Does glacier have effect on human beings?
What effect have humans had on the volcanoes of Auckland?
Does having volcano activity affect our land?
What factors can change the course of a river?
How do rivers change overtime?
This is my sub-question that i did today and it was easy.

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