Monday, 25 November 2013

Tyler useing Te Ara 2

Using Te Ara -
The Encyclopedia of New Zealand
2. Tamaki River

L.I.    Develop our knowledge of Auckland and the Tamaki river
    Familiarise ourselves with an online NZ encyclopaedia

Use this link to open Te Ara
Enter Tamaki river into the search box and use the Eastern suburbs: Oraki  to the Tamaki estuary page to answer these questions.

Where does the river flow from and to?
Mangere east to tidal estuary on the Waitemata

What was the link used by Maori called?
Otahuhu Portage

What two bodies of water does it join?
Waitemata Harbour and the Manukau Harbour

What sort of landform is Tāhuna Tōrea?

What is the name of the marina on the Tamaki river?
Half moon bay

When was the first Panmure Bridge built?

When was the current bridge built?

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