Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Using the National Library 3. Newspapers

Using the National Library
3. Newspapers

L.I. Develop our knowledge of Auckland and the Tamaki river
Familiarise ourselves with an online NZ resource

Use this link to open the National Library website
Enter Panmure pirate into the search box
Open the NZ truth article named - panmure pirate

What event is this article about?
A robbery
What is the sub heading on the article?  This is an example of what literary device?
Dunns Daring Doings end in disaster. It is an example of alliteration
What does ‘daring do’ mean?
It is alliteration
Why was Lesley George’s dad angry with him?
he put the place on fire
How did the fire start?
Lesleys matches were thrown away
Why were the works described and ambrosial?
Because it stunk and they were being sarcastic
Where was the launch moored?
With the anchor at sea
What 3 places where the stolen items recovered from?
Panmure Basin, Panmure and A.U Wes
What was the charge of incendiarism for?
It was 3 pounds

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