Monday, 13 October 2014

Tyler - Independent Writing

Independent Writing

It was just a normal day. I was hanging out with Anthony and Ofa at their house. We were inside hiding from Sam. It was about 7 minutes before he knocked on the door. We all ran into Anthonys dads room and held the door shut.

When Sam came through the garage door Anthony, Ofa and I hid under the Ngatu and the Tau’vala. When he came in he tried to look for us but he could not see we were under the Ngatu and the Tau’vala. When Sam lift the room we jumped up and started laughing at him then he started crying and we laughed even louder.

After that we said sorry and went back into the room. We all watched YouTube clips and Anthony fated and it smelted. We all laughed and Sam thought we were laughing at him and he started crying again.   

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